Meet H+W


The Expression of Beauty, Simplicity & Functionality:
We are so pleased that you are here.  Each piece we create is made with high standard, love, great care + thought.   Know that we believe in being environmentally conscious and this is why we love sourcing furniture pieces that have character -- pieces that are already out there in existence that are waiting to be transformed!  We enjoy the process of bringing them back to life with the right colors, beautiful rich designer fabrics and hardware from around the world.  The love of transforming these gems that will grace a new home with joy, beauty and functionality -- this is what inspires us to continue to do this work.  Thank you so much for coming today. We hope you find exactly the right thing to contribute to making your home beautiful.  We hope you stay tuned for our upcoming exclusive Designer Pillows + Kitchen Linens all made with love, care + integrity, by subscribing to our mailing list at the bottom of our homepage.  These collections and others are coming to our website soon, as we continue to create and add new classic pieces.  We look forward to your return and to staying connected.